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Just a couple of weeks ago we organized another CUBE workshop at a high school in the German city of Nürnberg in the North of Bavaria together with a dialogue event right after. The 120 students from the Dürer-Gymnasium had a whole day for the workshop which was facilitated by 6 CUBE trainers, members of CUBE but also two facilitators who took part in our T4F in February. It was great to see that the training was successful and that they managed really well to conduct the workshop, motivate, empower and bring the topic of political participation closer to the students. To have a higher impact and facilitate the process of channeling the ideas and opinion to the political level we organized a dialogue event right after in cooperation with the politician Kerstin Celina from the Greens party in Bavaria and representative of the section of labor market, social policy and youth. The event was very interactive and in total it was great day full of good ideas and inspiration for how political participation for youth should look like and once again we at CUBE realized the added value of giving our workshops!