In order to continue collecting young voices across Europe the travel must go on. In light of our new mission to train facilitators across Europe to conduct our workshop concept and thereby enhance the reach of CUBE and the possibility to collect diverse voices CUBE will go on a month journey across Europe! In the end of March Verena our main representative and head will travel with an InterRail ticket to 4 different country in only 4 weeks. Thanks to our cooperation with AEGEE/ European Student Forum it is possible to gain more experience in working with different schools and youngsters across Europe and enhance knowledge and skills on what format works best! Besides this CUBE will also be traveling to Maastricht and Sofia! So check out the What’s Next section to see where else you can come find us. And if you happen to be in one of the places or only close then please contact us and we are always happy to meet some familiar as well as new faces 🙂