Our founder Verena took many seats in different cities during the last two months. She discussed limits and chances of digital participation with a Member of the German Bundestag, Christina Schwarzer, a policy analyst, who was a working for the Obama electoral campaign and Idil aka Ayse, a comedian parodizing integration policy. The conclusion: politics is our daily business and making your voice heard is not always easy especially if you are excluded from voting. We all have to take a stance for more accessible participation channels! Verena also took a stand at the Pulse of Europe demonstration in Leipzig (Germany), where she envisioned a European civil society adequately representing the diversity of people and opinions present. Posing the questions: Who or what do we wave the European flag for? Which narratives do we tell each other and who is part of these stories? What is the Leipziger pulse story going to be? we hope we triggered some thoughts on that sunday afternoon. Lastly, an engaging discussion took place at the MakeSense Room panel, which was organized as part of the Tech Open Air 2017 in Berlin. How specific shall, can or must we talk about “being white” and “whiteness”? One of the panelists took her very own and interesting take on Europe. Exactly what CUBE hopes to spark in people!