At CUBE we want to see a diverse collective of young voices participating in the shaping of Europe

Currently, the obstacles to participation through official participation channels are high. Especially young people belonging to oppressed groups are not adequately represented.

To promote forward-looking political development in Europe that meets the needs of its growing and future generations, young opinions need to be incorporated into decision-making processes. Non-observance of young opinions endangers our democracy and violates its principles.

Your support will help us in creating an inclusive political participation channel for young people in Europe. Not all young people across Europe have the privilege to make use of their right to political participation at the European level. And we at CUBE are actively working to change this, but we need your help.


CUBE relies on support from a wide range of sources and there are many ways that you can support the work of CUBE. You can support as an individual, or through a foundation, trust or company.

You can support the work of CUBE


To sustain our activities and provide our workshops & events free of charge, we need a steady flow of income

Donating is one of the fastest and practical ways to support the work of CUBE. If you have the possibilities – no matter whether it’s 5 € or 500 € -, you’re monetary contribution via paypal or bank transfer is highly welcome!

To donate to CUBE via direct bank transfer, please use the following details:
Account name: CUBE. Your take on Europe e.V.
Account location: Germany
Account number (IBAN): DE83 50031000 1061356009

*For larger donations, please consider using a bank transfer to save on transaction fees

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To reach out to ever more young people, decision-makers, NGOs, media, etc. we need people who support us with their time

The work of CUBE is not possible without our dedicated volunteer team. CUBE volunteers share their knowledge and enthusiasm and collectively bring together a broad range of experiences and skills. And our team all share one thing in common – we are determined to make young diverse voices heard.

If you have a couple of hours a week and want to gain experiences in a grass-roots NGO with flat hierarchies and a critical view on society, get in touch with Lisa:

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To raise awareness for young demands and needs, we need to reach a wide audience

Even if you have neither time to volunteer nor possibilities to donate, you can support us by spreading the CUBE message on your social media channels! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, to stay up to date and be involved in CUBE discussions!

Want to align your brand with CUBE?

Want to incorporate your brand with the vision to see a diverse group of young people shaping Europe? We’d be delighted to talk to you about the different ways in which your company can engage with CUBE. For more information regarding corporate sponsorship, please send us a message via

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Thank you to our Friends & Supporters

Thank you to our Donor Partner

The generous support of Maastricht, Working on Europe, a programme by Maastricht University, the City of Maastricht and the Province of Limburg enables our day-to-day activism, and secures CUBE’s continuation even when we have to wait for project funds a little longer.

A big shoutout for European cooperation, and to those who believe in grass-roots activism for youth!