MYnority Training for Facilitators

The entire summer CUBE dedicated to organizing its first Training4Facilitators dedicated particularly to young people belonging to minority groups. Partially with the European Union for Jews Students CUBE made it happened that 15 young people from different backgrounds came together to learn how to hold a CUBE workshop and how to motivate young people to get engaged in politics and make their voices heard. During the three-day training in the Social Impact Lab in Leipzig the participants got some hands-on tools on how to be sensitive to a diverse group of young people and how to best motivate youngsters to raise their voice. It was a great experience seeing people being so active in defining their right to political participation and CUBE hopes that also the participants got some new insights on how to organize a non-formal workshop and dialogue format and that we will soon be seeing many of these happening in the local communities of our newly backed facilitators. If your interested in taking part in one of our workshops then check the upcoming training sessions on facebook and here on our website!