And this year again, CUBE was present at the ECIT conference in Brussels. Though this year, we were not only present but we even gave an interactive workshop inviting the DG youth, FEPS (Foundation for European progressive studies), the secretary general of the young European federalists and the policy innovators working on migrant solutions B1AKT. The question CUBE poses itself every day now finally had the chance to be asked to the ones who are actually in charge of these participation channels. CUBE concretely wanted to know what EU officials think about participation and why according to them certain young social groups are underrepresented in European participation channels and what can be done about it. We agreed that the most available tool is the structured dialogue, however, needs to be improved in reaching out to unorganized youth – just where CUBE can come in. If you want to receive a detailed report, shoot us a message! We are happy to share.