Who is behind CUBE? Four young women frustrated by the misrepresentation of European civil society and united by a passion for empowering other young people all across Europe to set the wheels of change in motion. Coming from very different backgrounds and bringing a broad range of experiences and skills, we knew we made a good team. We all agreed on one thing: not all people across Europe have the privilege to make use of their right to political participation at the European level.

We were determined to do something about it. It was time to empower young people to become active in European politics. It was time to open up participation channels to ensure all voices in Europe get heard. It was time to found CUBE. Since we settled in Berlin, our team has kept on growing and growing with skilled people determined to pass the mic to you!

Verena Riedmiller

Bahar Mahzari

Annika Stange

Hannah Pascucci

Richard Marenbach

Sophie Mainz

Johanna Fröhlich

Want to join? 

Are any of the following features totally you?

I like to design workshops, visualize demands and lobby for young diverse voices across the European Union.

I am digitally well-connected.

I am passionate about design, the youth and critical education!

I have at least 1-2 days a week to spend entirely on CUBE and its mission to amplify young diverse voices across the European Union.

Working in a lovely team is my thing.

If yes, then shoot us a message at or come visit us!
CUBE offers you an occasional co-working space and an amazing group of motivated people ready to make discriminated and young voices in Europe heard.

Become part of this exciting journey! Become a CUBER!

Friends & Supporters 

CUBE would not work without the support of others. Additional to our loyal followers on social media and in our daily work, we also rely on partnerships to enhance our impact.
Are you curious who’s already with us? Take a look!


B1-AKT is a French company leading in sustainable strategies and archetype communications worldwide. As an intercultural training institute, they enable costumers to communicate effectively and thereby innovate their visions. By means of communication, the future is created and the world changed!
B1-AKT and CUBE collaborate on the implementation of European projects on basis of the communication concepts by B1-AKT.
Find more information on here: B1-AKT.

Project Together

Project Together supports young people to engage themselves and to develop their own social projects. Their mission is to make it easy for teenagers to participate in society by encouraging, connecting and guiding citizens to put their ideas into practice and together experience the power of making change.
Project Together provides guidance to the CUBE team since spring 2017.
Find more information on Project Together.