CUBE’s First Demand & Ideas Frequency List – Bavaria!

 compiled based on 1400 participants, across 14 schools in Bavaria

We are pleased to share the first CUBE demand & ideas frequency list. This specific list has been compiled based on 1400 participants, across 14 schools in Bavaria. 

The ideas & demands are clustered into 10 identified categories and latter will be considered in our report, which takes a closer look at the templates with a qualitative approach. The list shows an indication of which ideas, aims and demands are the most important to young people surveyed

More consideration
Reduction of the voting age
Improve schooling
Digital solution
Younger politicians
Youth parliament
More transparency
More participation
Better media
More contact with politicians

1. More consideration (24)

We want more consideration in the political processes, like representation, or surveys etc.

2. Reduction of the voting age (22)

The voting age should be reduced (the specific age of 16 yrs. was often proposed)

3. Improve schooling (20)

There should be a school subject, which considers politics. For example current politics, political events; or existing school subjects like “Sozialkunde” should be improved. In addition schools should have more trips, workshops or “political days”. 

4. Digital solution (18)

There should be more digital solutions to integrate young people in the political process. Digital consideration of young people’s opinion, like online surveys, apps. These tools also should provide better, less jargon more relatable, information.

5. Younger politicians (13)

Politicians should be younger.

6. Youth parliament (10)

There should be a youth parliament, which is considered in the political process. There should be a quota for younger politicians in the “normal” parliament.  

7. More transparency (9)

The political process should be more transparent

8. More participation (8)

There should be “better” and “easier” ways to participate in the political process. [Close to nr. 1]

9. Better media (8)

There should be easier access to information, or the information should be easier to understand, when it comes to political information by the “media”. Often social media channels are highlighted and should play a bigger role. [close to nr. 4]

10. More contact with politicians (7)

Politicians should be closer to “the people”. More direct events, discussion etc. (eg. Cube workshops)

  • List based on 1400 participants of 14 different schools, during our project for the Centre for Political Education in Bavaria in spring 2019
  • The number in the brackets are the sum of the templates
  • Since the ideas were as individual as the participants the result is not a perfect mirror.
  • Some ideas couldn’t be considered because they violate our values (like the respect for Human Rights) or were unique or at least less frequent than the others