Our Goal

CUBE. Your Take on Europe aims to create an inclusive participation channel for young people across Europe based on their own visions.

YOUTH is excluded

Politicians ignore us!

YOUTH is diverse

We are LGBTQIA*. Hetero. White. Of Color. Disabled. Rural. Urban. From All Classes. Believe. Or Don’t. And Demand Equality!

YOUTH is the Future

We have the right to participate in today’s decisions determining our future.


1. The Workshops...

are facilitated by certified CUBE facilitators across Europe. Here young people formulate their visions on how to participate in EU politics. CUBE hears you out and gathers your ideas and demands.


2. The Ideas...

are analysed and visualised by CUBE. Young voices are united in their diversity on how political participation should work at the EU level and provide for the power to act.


3. The Advocacy...

for these ideas is done by CUBE. We channel your voices through several ways up to the top such as official participation channels of the EU and by lobbying members of the European parliament. Our highlight? Dialogue events, where we give you the chance to discuss your ideas face-to-face with your local politician.


Verena Riedmiller

Philipp Niese

Stephanie Ifill


Bahar Mahzari

Hannah Pascucci

Who is behind CUBE?

We are a group of young people hailing from very different backgrounds and bring together a broad range of experiences and skills. Why we founded CUBE? The youth in its diversity across Europe is not fairly represented at the civil society level. Young diverse voices are ignored at the institutional level.

Not all young people across Europe have the privilege to make use of their right to political participation at the European level. We want want to change that with CUBE. Our journey has carried us through different parts of Europe. Our team has kept on growing and growing with skilled people determined to make your voices heard!

Want to join? 

Is this you?

Are any of the following features totally you?

I like to design workshops, visualize demands and lobby for young diverse voices across the European Union.

I am digitally well-connected.

I am passionate about design, the youth and critical education!

I have at least 4hours a week to spend entirely on CUBE and its mission to amplify young diverse voices across the European Union.

Working in a lovely team is my thing.

If yes, then shoot us a message at or come visit us!
CUBE offers you an occasional co-working space and an amazing group of motivated people ready to make discriminated and young voices in Europe heard.

Become part of this exciting journey! Become a CUBER!

Friends & Supporters 

Donor Partner 

The generous support of Maastricht, Working on Europe, a programme by Maastricht University, the City of Maastricht and the Province of Limburg enables our day-to-day activism, and secures CUBE’s continuation even when we have to wait for project funds a little longer.

A big shoutout for European cooperation, and to those who believe in grass-roots activism for youth!