About CUBE.

CUBE. Your take on Europe is a social project aiming to create an inclusive participation channel for young people in Europe. CUBE wants all young people in Europe to envisage the future they want to live in. CUBE prioritises in gathering diverse young opinions, taking into account all kinds of discriminatory experiences that young people have and on which grounds they are excluded from the political process. CUBE overcomes this structural exclusion by reaching out to schools, where, to a certain age, all young people come together. This approach is complemented by a possibility to extend our concept to youth centres.
CUBE facilitates this process in three steps: it provides a workshop toolkit to be facilitated in all context youth engages in, it gathers and analyses the results of those workshops and advocates for them at the EU institutions.


1. The Workshop...

…provides facilitators with the necessary means to trigger discussion about participation in EU politics. Participants reflect on problems, develop their own utopian ideas on participation and formulate a catalogue of demands addressed to the EU institutions and decision-makers. CUBE gathers those ideas and demands.


2. The Data...

…is analysed and visualised by CUBE. Diverse and young opinions brought together represent the strength of the youth and give the necessary leverage for CUBE to act with them.


3. The Advocacy...

…is conducted by CUBE through several channels: official participation channels of the EU such as consultations and the Structured Dialogue are equally important as lobby activities for members of the European Parliament and dialogue formats with local politicians where workshop participants can directly experience political participation.


New home base: Leipzig!

CUBE is moving! After leaving Social Impact Lab Berlin, we will continue changing Europe from our new base in Social Impact Lab Leipzig from October onwards!

Kicking off the academic year in Maastricht

It seems as if never a month passes in which CUBE does not return to its founding and idea giving city. It is like a magic magnet that pulls us to Maastricht repeatedly. This time in the very beginning of September we were invited to the opening ceremony of the academic year. Can academic change…

Mix & Mingle with EU officials in Brussels

And this year again, CUBE was present at the ECIT conference in Brussels. Though this year, we were not only present but we even gave an interactive workshop inviting the DG youth, FEPS (Foundation for European progressive studies), the secretary general of the young European federalists and the policy innovators working on migrant solutions B1AKT.…

Workshops, Workshops, Workshops!

Out and about is the theme CUBE has been following during the months of piloting. One thing we definitely learned best is that the most important part of having an idea is the testing part: Testing your idea and altering it according to your experiences and feedback. That is also why throughout the months of…

European Youth Culture Award Ceremony

On September 1, Respekt! Die Stiftung awarded their European Youth Culture Award. We were nominated in the category youth work and self-organisation and were awarded with a monetary prize. We are very thankful for the support!

Second Team Weekend in Berlin

After three and a half months CUBErs met again in Berlin for the second team weekend! Discussing, brainstorming, planning, organizing…since our pilot phase started im March there was much to discuss concerning our newest workshop concept and team related issues since all of us – à la CUBE – will soon be spread all over Europe again.…