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About CUBE.

CUBE. Your take on Europe is a social project aiming to create an inclusive participation channel for young people in Europe. CUBE wants all young people in Europe to envisage the future they want to live in. CUBE prioritises in gathering diverse young opinions, taking into account all kinds of discriminatory experiences that young people have and on which grounds they are excluded from political processes. CUBE overcomes this structural exclusion by reaching out to schools, where, to a certain age, all young people come together. This approach is complemented by a possibility to extend our concept to youth centres.

CUBE facilitates this process in three steps: it provides a workshop toolkit to be facilitated in all context youth engages in, it gathers and analyses the results of those workshops and advocates for them at the EU institutions.



Spotlight: Two youth-originated and lead initiatives

We all come from different school systems but have one thing in common: our interest in politics .. Politics For All and My Voice in Politics (MVP) are two initiatives which originated during the CUBE January 2020 Ideas Camp. Following on from the Ideas Camp, we caught up with Clara, who is a part of…

At CUBE solidarity = Reflection, Listening and Action

we stand in solidarity with organisations and individuals who are working to dismantle racial injustice Many protestors, mainly young, took to the streets across Europe to stand in solidarity to say ‘Black Lives Matter’. Black Lives Matter is more than a trend, it’s more than a popular hashtag, it’s an issue that is inbuilt into…


CUBE’s First Demand & Ideas Frequency List – Bavaria!

 compiled based on 1400 participants, across 14 schools in Bavaria We are pleased to share the first CUBE demand & ideas frequency list. This specific list has been compiled based on 1400 participants, across 14 schools in Bavaria.  The ideas & demands are clustered into 10 identified categories and latter will be considered in our…


CUBE’s first regional report – Bavaria

This regional report is published in German and covers 5 areas for improvement We are pleased to announce, that we recently published our first CUBE ideas regional report, analysing and evaluating more than 250 ideas collected in Bavaria, Germany; in spring 2019 during a project with the Regional Centre for Political Education. This regional report…

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Recap of our first webinar

..we need to work for an even better Europe of Tomorrow. Because the EU is not a gift. It’s hard work. And good people need to be involved in its future On Europe Day, May 9, we organised the first CUBE webinar on organising for a better Europe. Europe Day really was the best day…


Join us for CUBE’S first webinar: Organising for the Europe of Tomorrow

We’re happy to invite you all to our first CUBE webinar! Taking place Saturday May 9th (the half-official #EuropeDayHoliday) from 11:00 to 13:00 o’clock. Curious? This will give you a peak into CUBE’s upcoming projects! It will be a 2-hour webinar in English with an introduction to community organising. CUBE is part of the European…

We are beyond excited to announce that our first Erasmus+ project gets funded! Together with CODE 043, JEF Belgium and European Alternatives we’ll conduct a transregional youth dialogue project in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Even though #Covid19 will certainly impact our project as it does everything, we look forward to providing #space and #participation for all in our EU #borderregion! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, our work wouldn’t be possible without our partner Maastricht Working on Europe - shoutout to European cooperation!

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