About CUBE.

CUBE. Your take on Europe is a social project aiming to create an inclusive participation channel for young people in Europe. CUBE wants all young people in Europe to envisage the future they want to live in. CUBE prioritises in gathering diverse young opinions, taking into account all kinds of discriminatory experiences that young people have and on which grounds they are excluded from the political process. CUBE overcomes this structural exclusion by reaching out to schools, where, to a certain age, all young people come together. This approach is complemented by a possibility to extend our concept to youth centres.
CUBE facilitates this process in three steps: it provides a workshop toolkit to be facilitated in all context youth engages in, it gathers and analyses the results of those workshops and advocates for them at the EU institutions.


Watch out for CUBE around Europe in April

In order to continue collecting young voices across Europe the travel must go on. In light of our new mission to train facilitators across Europe to conduct our workshop concept and thereby enhance the reach of CUBE and the possibility to collect diverse voices CUBE will go on a month journey across Europe! In the end…

CUBE goes #ProKo instead of #GroKo

CUBE is not only actively trying to enhance young citizens’ voices on the European level, no, we are trying to enhance it with every chance we get! This is also why we are engaged on the german national level, especially following the dynamics of the german election in September 2017. Today the German Conservative Party…

CUBE’s first Training4Facilitators

The last weekend of February, the CUBE team met in Leipzig to kick-off the first Training for Facilitators weekend in collaboration with our partner AEGEE. The event focused on teaching to AEGEE/European Student Forum members and other interested people how to deliver a CUBE workshop. While learning lots of important skills to lead workshops, the group had…

CUBE part of the UCM Student Think Tank project

In corporation with the University College Maastricht CUBE had the chance to become an official client at the Student Think Tank where a team of 15 students worked for en entire month on the idea and goal of CUBE. On February 1st they then presented their findings: Not only did they evaluate our analysis methods,…

Let’s start CUBE’s 2018 the right way

Finally the entire CUBE Team gathered in our beautiful and cozy home base at the social impact lab Leipzig for a weekend full of reflection, brainstorming, team bonding and working on new and old ideas as well as upcoming projects! In the focus were especially the organization of CUBE’s first Train-the Trainers weekend in Leipzig in the end of February,…

Last Pilot Workshop and Dialogue Programm for 2017

While preparing for the final pilot workshop and dialogue programe in 2017 in Munich we also elaborated on the concept and learned from our previous experiences collected during the last year. With these insights and new motivation to collect the opinions and ideas of youngster we travelled to Munich where we hold our first dialogue…

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CUBE.Your Take on Europe

Youth worldwide united! Elementary, high school and university students from across the US have gathered now for the March for our Lives protesting gun violence! Let's show our solidarity from across the pond 🌎

March for our Lives
Watch LIVE as the students of March For Our Lives take to the streets of Washington DC to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools and communities today.
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