About CUBE.

CUBE. Your take on Europe is a social project aiming to create an inclusive participation channel for young people in Europe. CUBE wants all young people in Europe to envisage the future they want to live in. CUBE prioritises in gathering diverse young opinions, taking into account all kinds of discriminatory experiences that young people have and on which grounds they are excluded from political processes. CUBE overcomes this structural exclusion by reaching out to schools, where, to a certain age, all young people come together. This approach is complemented by a possibility to extend our concept to youth centres.

CUBE facilitates this process in three steps: it provides a workshop toolkit to be facilitated in all context youth engages in, it gathers and analyses the results of those workshops and advocates for them at the EU institutions.


CUBE in the dialogue

From the 14 school that will be visited within the next two months through the project together with the LZB of Bavaria we and our facilitators already had 3 workshops happening and the newly backed CUBE facilitators did a great job! One of last week’s dialogue events was in the High School of Herzogenaurach with the…

MYnority trainer giving CUBE workshop in Berlin

Remember the MYnority Training for Facilitators we did in September in Leipzig which was particularly aimed at training young people/women* of color and black people/women*, LGBTQIA* individuals, people/women* with disabilities and working-class warriors? Last week, one of our CUBE facilitator trained during that T4F gave the CUBE Workshop at a community center in Berlin (together with…

T4Fs mit Bayerische Landeszentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit

Since December we have been involved in a four months project with the Institute of Political Education of Bavaria (BLZ Bayern) where we conducted two T4Fs, one in Munich and one in Nurnberg, in total training 35 young and motivated CUBE facilitators. Now in February and March they are going to a total of 14…

New CUBE headquarters

Since December now that CUBE has a new headquarter. For most it might not seem new since we only moved from Leipzig back to good old Maastricht. But this time it is different: we are sitting in the renewed and recently opened Studio Europe – a workshop place to work on reforms for Europe. Together…

Stoppt den Bayxit zusammen mit CUBE.

Schonmal was vom Bayxit gehört? Der Begriff wurde 2016 nach dem #Brexit in Bayern kurz in die Presse geworfen – von Politiker*innen selbst wohlgemerkt. Nach den Landtagswahlen 2018 scheint es so als wäre dieses Szenario garnicht so abwegig. Die Europäische Union muss sich verändern? Alte weiße Männer müssen Platz machen für junge bunte Menschen? Dann…

Mehr als nur wählen gehen!

🗳️Die Europawahl 2019 steht an und du willst mehr als nur wählen gehen? 🔝Dann werde ein Teil von CUBE und stärke junge Stimmen in europapolitischen Debatten! Die Bayerische Landeszentrale für politische Bildungsarbeit und CUBE organisieren ein weiteres Seminarwochenende vom 25.01.2019 – 27.01.2019 für zukünftige CUBE Workshopleiter*innen – diesmal im schönen Nürnberg! Im Anschluss habt ihr dann…

Today we had an amazing day in Niederwerrn at the Mittelschule. The ideas displayed a wide variety: from voting rights to youth quotas - see for yourself. Again today showed: no matter where we go young people are demanding more visibility of their demands in the institutions, and they do know how it should be done...Thank you to our dialogue partner Uwe Probst ins EP I FDP for listening and debating with us. And thank you Katja and Naima for traveling all the way up to the north of Bavaria. ... See MoreSee Less

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Yesterday we had the pleasure to discuss the ideas of over 100 pupils at the Gymnasium Königsbrunn with a member of the committee on Europe in the Bavarian parliament Dr. Fabian Mehring, MdL. The promises on the table: the pupils will build a workforce to strengthen their ideas such as an informative quarterly video on the party´s debates and their demands for political education in schools together with the relevant contacts at the Bayerischer Landtag. As always a big thank you to our amazing facilitators supporting the youth voices Simon, Naima, Sarah, Julia, Anna-Sophia, #dialogue #youthparticipation ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

CUBE.Your Take on Europe

Thank you to our CUBE Facilitators Olga and Andreas, who took the CUBE workshop into their community and enabled 30 young people with a Russian-speaking migratory background to envision their participatory future in the EU🔮

Dialog partner: Victoria Beyzer| Chairperson of Junge Liberale JuLis Oberbayern (Youth-wing of the Liberal Party).

Thank you Politik braucht dich for opening your doors and minds!Politische Partizipation beginnt in der Jugendzeit - und JunОst in Bayern unterstützt die Jugendliche dabei!

Am 6. März 2019 haben Andreas Mil und Olga Hudoshina den Workshop „FutureLab EUropia“ in Grafrath durchgeführt. Im Rahmen des Workshops wurden Ideen von Jugendlichen über die bessere Zukunft Europas gesammelt und anschließend der Politikerin Victoria Beyzer vorgestellt und diskutiert. Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich bei Victoria für die Teilnahme!

Das Konzept des Workshops wurde von CUBE.Your Take on Europe entwickelt und wir, JunOst in Bayern, sind sehr froh, einen Teil von dieser europäischen Initiative zu sein!
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